About Us

ATI Trading Ltd is a financial investment firm as well as a leading econometric research and development organization with links in Europe, Americas, and Asia. Stemming from over two decades of unrivaled service, ATI Trading is proud to have built up a strong presence in America, Europe and East Asia.


The products & services, as well as the data offered at ATI Trading are world-renowned and are in use at major institutions engaged in global financial markets. ATI Trading Ltd began to develop, market and support Internet-based currency tools for consumers and businesses.

ATI Trading Ltd recognized early that the explosive global growth in foreign currency trading and Internet usage would create enormous demand for a single global access point serving the currency conversion needs of consumers and businesses.

ATI Trading Ltd is an internationally recognized leader in currency conversion, localization, decision support, transaction services and forecasting. As a web-based Business-to-Business Applications Service Provider (ASP), ATI Trading Ltd services a huge clientele across the globe. ATI Trading Ltd has one of the world’s largest historical, high frequency, filtered currency databases, and is an early pioneer in the development of proprietary conversion, localization and forecasting tools.

What We Offer

ATI Trading Ltd has three Main lines of business and several diverse sub-lines based on its currency database. They include:

  • Derivatives Trading
    • Foreign Exchange Trading
    • Spot Bullion / Commodity Trading
    • Contract for Difference
  • Equity Performance
  • Financing


As with Shares, CFD investors benefit from normal market movements. Clients’ open positions are valued every night at the close of business rates. Profits or losses will be credited/debited to the client’s margin account each day. Corporate actions are applied to the client’s account should they occur.


CFD Share positions carried overnight will incur financing costs for the un-margined portion of the position. If a client opens a position with a 5% margin, finance overnight will be on the 100% balance. Clients who are long a CFD will pay a finance fee to ATI Trading Ltd., clients who are short will receive finance credit from ATI Trading Ltd.

 For individuals

  • A destination for travelers and investors to find virtually everything there is to know about global currencies.
  • For the traveler, visitors can find current currency rates, simple conversions, forecasts, historical currency rates, as well as helpful tips and links for every travel need.
  • For the investor, visitors can find the most comprehensive database of currency information and research. Our timing services, forecasts, and predictive modeling give investors and traders the edge they need for analyzing the global currency markets.

For Businesses 

  • Put our currency converter on your website
  • We allow you to localize prices on your website so customers can look at your prices in their native currency, integrate into back-end accounting and procurement systems, verify historical exchange rates, and assist in expense reporting.

Decision Support Tools for Institutional Investors

Applications for Decision Support are used in institutional dealing rooms, banks, and financial institutions to manage risk, time investment positions, and forecast markets. Additionally, the Decision Support tools are ideally suited for corporations and government agencies that are pursuing more efficient risk management strategies.

Currency Markets Transactions Services

Tools for institutions to conduct transactions in the currency market via the Internet. The tools provide front-end capabilities and micro processing server engines that allow institutions to reach the online currency markets via “off the shelf” trading solutions.

Value Added Facilities Services

Clients of ATI Trading Ltd. can receive free world news and a real time currency feed together with our state-of-the-art dealing facilities and professional services:

  • 24 hour dealing desk
  • Client funds are held in a Customer Segregated Account in a major bank
  • Quotes before stipulating whether you are a Buyer or a Seller
  • Stops and Limits can be placed at anytime during market hours
  • Independent real time news headlines (Free)
  • Real time technical analysis (Free)
  • Accurate easy-to-understand statements
  • Real-time account valuations
  • Direct chat line with the dealers
  • Competitive spreads for large as well as small transactions
  • At least a 1-5% margin day and night requirements (under normal market conditions)
  • Globally available
  • Software offers live time live prices (Free)

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