Client Station e-Broker Web Trader VTL/API

A completely brand new VTL language enriched with new trading functions from the charts. There are two types of languages in VTL 10:

VTL Server Language: Full Object Oriented semi VB.NET environment, which you can host your scripts in the server with no need to keep your terminal running all the time. Unlike other platforms, no need for a third party to host your scripts as all of what code can easily be hosted on the server.


VTL Client Language: Expert Traders still can use the traditional way by writing VTL Client code for trading, chart alerts and GUI interface functions with VB Script similarity code.


A new development gate is now open with the new Client API enabling you to expand your vision of the scripts and plug-ins developed for our clients.

You can use VertexFX APIs for creativeness, for building unique ideas, and implementing your needs, what do you think you need more from the VertexFX Trader, can be implemented over the API, while the usage of the API is open and it’s a subject of ideas, we will include some examples for the APIs usage:

  • Assuming you need to build a system that trades automatically by some market strategies and ideas, you can use the VertexFX Client API.
  • Do you want to build your own distributable trading terminal that offers customized trading capabilities? You can use VertexFX client API.
  • Do you want to build your own mobile market watch? Use the VertexFX Client API.

So we can see that VertexFX APIs open for you new horizons and new gates to implement your needs and to customize VertexFX system to be your own tailor made system.

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